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Welcome!  Please enjoy perusing through the pictures of our available Miniature Schnauzer and Toy Schnauzer puppies.  We register our litters with AKC, and we offer AKC pet* registration paperwork to you.

If you are visiting this site at a time when there are no puppies immediately available, you may click on the link to the Past Puppies page to view pictures of puppies that we have previously offered.

Most of our Miniature Schnauzer and Toy Schnauzer puppies are available to go home with their families at 8 weeks of age.  Until that time, these wonderful Mini and Toy Schnauzer puppies are cared for by our family to prepare them for your family.  We work hard to ensure that they are well-socialized with both people and other dogs.  When they leave their Schnauzer Splendor home, they are healthy and happy.

We hope you enjoy viewing their wonderful little faces and that the pictures have made you smile.


*Pet registration means that no litters produced by the dog are eligible for registration.  We offer our puppies as pets.

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