Guardian Home Program

Guardian Home Program

We launched our Guardian Home Program in June, 2022. After much thought, research, and deliberation, we decided to implement this facet of our overall breeding program. The program is proving to be very positive.

Schnauzer(s) Available for Guardian Home


What is a Guardian Home?

At a high level, the program is designed to be a benefit for all parties.  The benefits of this program are many fold; to name a few:

1 – Provide our puppies/dogs the best possible homes, being raised as an integral part of their own family.

2 – Provide the opportunity to an approved family to love, raise, and keep as your own, one of our select, beautiful Miniature Schnauzers.

3 – Provide Schnauzer Splendor the ability to select the best possible candidates for our breeding program.

Guardian Home Program Basics

If we decide to use a specific dog in our breeding program, we may choose to list the puppy/dog as available to a Guardian Home.

With a REFUNDABLE deposit (a fraction of the fee to purchase) and a signed agreement, a select puppy/dog will be given to an approved Guardian family.  the dog will spend some time with us during times of breeding, whelping and puppy care, and then the dog will return to their home.

Guardian Home Candidate Prerequisites

Guardian Homes candidates must meet the following criteria for the duration of the signed agreement:

  • Must live within 120 miles of Breeder (If selected dog is female) or 60 miles of Breeder (if selected dog is male)
  • Must own your home
  • Must have a secured and fully fenced back yard
  • Must own your own vehicle
  • Must have previously owned and cared for a dog
  • Must be able to identify female’s heat cycle, or willing and able to learn (if selected dog is female)


If you are interested in our Guardian Home program, complete the Potential Guarding Home form, and we will contact you.

Potential Guardian Home Form

Be sure to read the prerequisites