AKC Registration Information


Why Register Your Puppy with AKC?

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AKC Pet Registration

Our litters are registered with AKC, and we offer AKC pet* registration to you. We provide you with the Registration form to submit.

What is AKC Pet Registration? Pet registration means that no litters produced by the dog are eligible for registration.  Our puppies are offered as pets.

AKC Reunite Microchip Registration

Your Schnauzer puppy will have an AKC Reunite-supplied microchip when he/she goes home. You will need to ensure that you complete the microchip registration process. We provide you with all of the needed information.

AKC Reunite is a member of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) LookUp, so it can check against hundreds of registries’ databases using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.

How Do Microchips work?

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Color Codes

These Color Codes are used by AKC to identify the color of your Miniature or Toy Schnauzer puppy. The applicable code will need to be used during the registration process.

If your Miniature or Toy Schnauzer is a Parti, the Marking Code will also need to be used during the registration process.

  • Black – 007
  • Black and Silver – 016
  • Liver – 123
  • Liver Pepper – 498
  • Liver Tan – 124
  • Salt and Pepper – 167
  • Wheaton – 224
  • White – 199

Marking Code

  • Parti – 038

What does it mean for a Miniature or Toy Schnauzer to have Parti markings?

The Parti gene shows as a pattern (marking) resulting in “broken” areas of color. The resulting appearance is that of areas of color separated by white. This pattern can be expressed with any of the Miniature Schnauzer colors.

Parti Marking-Mini Schnauzer