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Why pawTree

Proven Results

All of our Schnauzers, including all of our puppies, enjoy pawTree. Upon transitioning our adult Schnauzers to pawTree, we saw a noticeable, overall improvement, including digestive health, eye tearing, allergy symptoms, and skin and coat appearance. Our puppies do very well weaning to PawTree, and digestive issues seen with other food was no longer a problem. These observable improvements proved the high quality of the PawTree food. PawTree’s health and wellness line augments the benefits of the food, and targets specific issues. 

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  • AAFCO, WSAVA, and FDA compliant
  • Developed by PhD nutritionists and Veterinarian specialists
  • Manufactured in the USA under a quality program that includes a HACCP plan
  • More economical (calorie for calorie) than many natural/holistic brands
  • Never been recalled

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

  • Nutritionally Dense – Less food is required to provide needed nutrients, therefore, reduced stool volume
  • Real meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient
  • High Bioavailability
  • High-quality protein
  • Highly digestible protein and fat; Average, 87% and 94% respectively 
  • High Digestibility; Average minimum of 83% digestibility with average of 89% of calories being used for energy

Natural and Holistic

  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Products that promote your pet’s overall health and longevity of life
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Customizable Nutrition

  • Customized nutrition plans based upon the needs and circumstances of your unique pet.
  • Create your Schnauzer’s customized nutrition plan. Click Here

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