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Nesrin G
Dallas, Texas
July 14, 2022

Jerry joined our family 4 months ago, and we already can’t remember life without him. He has added so much love and joy to our house. We’re so grateful on our decision to go with Schnauzer Splendor and Tamara made the adoption process so smooth. They were very detail oriented, there was nothing unexpected, Tamara took care of everything. I can’t say enough about their breeding program. We love our Jerry and definitely recommend Schnauzer Splendor to anyone looking for a miniature schnauzer. It is completely worth the investment, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice.


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Bailey G
Fort Worth, Texas
July 14, 2022

My personal experience with Schnauzer Splendor has been very pleasant. She made the process so easy. You can tell she really truly cares about the puppies and what she does. You can tell how loved they are for the time they are with her. I really appreciate that she took the time to make sure our little girl was comfortable with us before going home. As well as taking the time to actually explain everything regarding our little girl thoroughly.


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Gary and Lys O
Denton, Texas
July 16, 2022

It is an honor and privilege to send a shout out on behalf of Schnauzer Splendor. Tamara S., along with her family, are truly wonderful and professional breeders. It has been said that schnauzers are smart, extremely loving and beautiful breeds, and we couldn't agree more. The professional service that Schnauzer Splendor provides is nothing more than exceptional.

Tamara and her family are the most reputable breeders that we have encountered over the many years of being schnauzer owners. If you are in need for healthy, physically, and emotionally sound schnauzer puppies let Schnauzer Splendor be your provider. Our Maximus is the most beautiful, well tempered, and loving puppy that we have ever encountered. Thank you, Schnauzer Splendor, Tamara and family for providing us our most lovable and handsome Maximus. We are wishing you all much continued success with your business.

Sincerely, Gary and Lys O.


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Dan C.
Granbury, Texas
July 16, 2022

I am very pleased to share my personal experience in dealing with Tamara S. and Schnauzer Splendor.

My little guy Deuce has been my constant companion since bringing him home from Schnauzer Splendor five months ago. He is a highly intelligent and handsome boy with all the classic temperament, behavioral, and appearance characteristics of miniature schnauzers. He brings pure joy to me.

My experience interacting with Tamara through the entire adoption process was exceedingly pleasant and very favorable. Tamara is a true professional who is caring, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable about the breeding and raising of this wonderful breed of dog. She provided me with valuable information on the handling, feeding, and recommended veterinarian care for Deuce. She answered all my questions on several occasions, some which I had after bringing Deuce home. I could not be more pleased with my adoption of Deuce, with all credit to Tamara and Schnauzer Splendor.

For anyone considering adopting a miniature schnauzer, I highly recommend Schnauzer Splendor as the breeder.


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Mr. Yates
Czech Republic
July 20, 2022

I just want you to know how much I appreciate Schnauzer Splendor. You will never know how happy this precious gift has made me. I think she is the best dog I have ever had. She is a great companion and travels with me everywhere. I can't thank you enough.


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Noe O.
Dallas, Texas
July 25, 2022

Schnauzer Splendor, along with Tamara, provided us with a wonderful experience and beautiful member of our family, Doralee! We are beyond happy to have her join our family. She is such a happy and healthy dog! The process was easy from start to finish. It was very reassuring to me that she was just as much interviewing us to make sure the puppies get a quality home. It is evident how much she cares for the puppies. Her experience and dedication made the whole experience easy. The hardest thing was waiting until our puppy was ready to come home! I would recommend this breeder to my family and friends, and already have.


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Kristie W.
Poolville, Texas
August 18, 2022

We had the opportunity to purchase a puppy from Schnauzer Splendor and couldn’t be happier!  We bought a black female that we named Piper. She’s been absolutely perfect! Piper is beautiful, smart, spunky and genetically sound.
She has a fun personality and is always eager to play and/or snuggle.  I’m super grateful to the breeders, they’ve done an excellent job!


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Dione W.
Dallas, Texas
January 6, 2023

I am so glad that I found Schnauzer Splendor.  I had been searching for a reputable Schnauzer breeder for quite some time.  I contacted Tamara to ask some general questions about the puppies and she was extremely patient and thorough with her answers.  A couple of months later I adopted Deacon, one of the most gorgeous Liver Schnauzers I've ever seen.  He is the sweetest and funniest puppy ever.  He has the most soft, manageable, luscious, dark coat.  Just one of the many consistent characteristics that I noticed with Schnauzer Splendor's puppies.

I have grown to really understand and appreciate Tamara's choice in the nutritional diet of her puppies from the start.  Deacon loves his puppy food, and I love the consistent, minimal cleanup because I can tell he's digesting his food and not passing it all out.  This is important to keep his dark, luscious coat shiny and soft as well helping him to maintain optimal health - he needs it because he is so energetic and full of life.  I love - love - love - my puppy!!


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Eileen H.
Azle, Texas
October 20, 2023

I just can’t say enough good things about Schnauzer Splendor.  I picked up my adorable black and silver Nyxie yesterday and she is more beautiful than I ever imagined.  I have had many dogs but never one as cute as this one but also none as well behaved right off the bat.  I have no idea how an 8 week-old puppy can be so smart and alert, but she truly is.  Our first night with her was unimaginably easy.

Aside from perfectly gorgeous puppies, Schnauzer Splendor provides detailed information on everything from puppy care to the bloodlines of their dogs. This is what really sets them apart from other breeders;  they are extremely knowledgable.  If you have ever looked at multiple breeders online, you know that many are in it strictly for the money.  The folks at Schnauzer Splendor actually love all of their litters as if they were to keep them all as pets and I suspect this is why my pup is so well behaved and…Confident?  Comfortable?  Calm?  I am not sure what the word is but the transition was almost seamless, and I feel it’s all due to the socialization Nyxie received from birth.  People actually come from other states to adopt from this breeder, including an American citizen who was working in a foreign country!  That tells you how stellar their reputation is.  All I can say is, if you are seeking this type of dog, there is no better place to buy.  This customer could not be happier.


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