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How to Avoid Puppy Scams

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Scammers make it a point to take advantage of people in emotional situations. With this intention, puppy scams are on the rise. That being the case, we have decided to point out some things to be aware of.


Below is a partial list to consider when looking for a legitimate and reputable breeder:

A respectable breeder is transparent regarding the deposit process and the total amount of the deposit required to hold/reserve a puppy for you. Schnauzer Splendor asks for a $200 deposit.

An honest breeder will NOT ask you to send additional money prior to picking up the puppy.

A trustworthy breeder is willing to answer your questions. In fact, a good breeder loves to educate about their dogs/puppies.

An ethical breeder is willing to provide additional photos and/or videos of the puppy.

A breeder of integrity will work with you to prove they are legitimate and not trying to run a scam.

A transparent breeder will offer testimonials of families that have worked with them previously.


Some red flags to be aware of:

A request for a large amount of money prior to picking up / receiving the puppy.

A request is made to wire money, pay via gift cards, or other non-secure payment methods.

Prior to picking up the puppy, a request is made for additional payment(s) for services.

The price seems to good to be true. If it does, it probably is.

Avoids communication with you after your deposit is paid.


The ugly truth of it is that there are dishonest, shameless opportunists that will take advantage of anyone and anything for money. Therefore, education is one of your best defenses.

Unfortunately, we have personally spoken with too many individuals that have communicated with these thieves. Some of them have been emotionally taken advantage of, while others have been hurt financially as well. In fact, some have lost large sums of money.

In Summary

Education and awareness are two of your best defenses. Our only intention with this post is to provide the information to those that may not be aware of these scammers.

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